RUMEAU trailers

The FLDI group is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of RUMEAU trailers, known for their robustness.

Rumeau agricultural trailers, synonymous with robustness and longevity.
The FLDI group is now the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of Rumeau trailers. We offer a range of monohull tipper trailers, produced in our workshops in the heart of the Aude.

Our design office is developing different models in order to meet our high standards. This is so that we can continue to deliver our brands strong reputation of ‘longevity’ , consistant throughout all our products.
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Basic equipment:

- Monobloc body watertight
- Food interior paint
- Water tightness test
- integrated inspection ladder
- Hydraulic dumping
- Watertight rear door with automatic opening / closing
- Parking brake
- Hydraulic braking

On AV600 & 700:
- Height adjustable hitch
- Jack stand (without wheel)
- Spring arrow
- Fixed drawbar eye

On AV500:
- Reinforced wheel jack stand
- Rigid boom
- Rotating hitch ring

Optional equipment:

- Anti-tilt extension
- Double steel bottom + edible paint
- Grain trap

- 2 color customization under conditions:

1.order before January 31
2. give us the 2 desired RALs "chassis" and "tipper"

UTILE (kg.)
section (mm.)
AV500FR458048706011.5/80-15 13.0/65-18
AV600FS542857307013.0/65-18 295-60R22,5
AV700FS6630714080315//60R22,5 445/45R19,5
The FLDI group ensures the maintenance of your RUMEAU trailers in our workshops:

- spare parts, painting, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics.

Our know-how is the assurance of greater responsiveness for our customers and the longevity of your trailers.
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