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Root holder forceps, vine shoot forceps

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Catégorie : Viti-viniculture

The purpose of the whole is to facilitate the collection of the branches coming from a mother strain. These branches are used for the manufacture of vine plants and serve as a support for the graft.

For harvesting mother plants, the rootstock clamp increases site speed and eliminates difficult work.

Description fonctionnelle :
The branches grow on the ground and spread over a distance of up to several meters. They are therefore intertwined and difficult to untangle when pulled by hand. The devices described below provide assistance in collecting these branches and making bundles.

For harvesting mother plants, the rootstock clamp allows you to cut, pull, disentangle and store in bundles, all in a single operation.

The speed of execution and the ease of use make it an essential tool for nurserymen.

The work rate can go up to 100 stumps per hour with the SO4 variety

The gripper consists of several discs on which there are fingers. These discs are controlled by an actuator which rotates them around their axis. By turning the fingers come closer to each other and constitute a clamp.

To use it, place the forceps above the stump (the branches must be pruned beforehand) and go down until the fingers are lightly planted in the earth (about 1 cm). We activate the rotational movement. The fingers close and jam the branches. We remove the clamp with the branches. By pulling, they will unravel and arrange themselves approximately in bundles that we can rest on the ground or on another machine.

The FLDI rootstock clamp is also the answer to the problems of arduousness for tasks which are often carried out in difficult weather conditions and which require significant physical effort. With this tool, personnel remain protected in the cabin of the mini-excavator.

For more than 10 years our customers have tested and adopted the clamp.
Spécifications techniques :

Work flow: up to 100 stumps per hour on SO4

Weight with knives = 330 kg

Weight without knives = 300 kg

Diameter = 0.88 m

Hydraulic required: 190 bar pressure for a gripper without knives and 30l / min at 190bars if the gripper is fitted with the knife option.

Options :
Ref : PPG-AC => With knives
Ref : PPG-SC => Without knives
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