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RUMEAU trailers by FLDI

Référence : FLRUMEAU  

Catégorie : Viti-viniculture

The FLDI group is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of RUMEAU trailers, known for their robustness.

We offer a range of monohull tipper trailers, produced in our workshops in the heart of Aude.

Our design office is developing the different models, in order to best meet the standards in force, while guaranteeing what has made the reputation of the brand since its inception: longevity.

Description fonctionnelle :
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Spécifications techniques :

On AV600 & 700:

- Height adjustable hitch
- Jack stand (without wheel)
- Spring arrow
- Fixed drawbar eye

On AV500:

- Reinforced wheel jack stand
- Rigid boom
- Rotating hitch ring

USEFUL (kg.)
section (mm.)
AV500FR 4580 4870 60 11.5/80-15 13.0/65-18
AV600FS 5428 5730 70 13.0/65-18 295-60R22,5
AV700FS 6630 7140 80 315//60R22,5 445/45R19,5
Options :
- Anti-tilt extension
- Double steel bottom + edible paint
- Grain trap

- 2 color customization under conditions:

1.order before January 31
2. give us the 2 desired RALs "chassis" and "tipper"
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