A robot to clean greenhouse roofs and tarpaulins

This robot cleaner adapts to the various curvatures of greenhouse roofs, as well as to the various brands of multi-chapels existing on the market.

A featherweight robot cleaner
The featherweight robot cleaner takes support from the gutters, with which the multi-chapels are fitted every 8 to 9.60m. Its mass therefore does not exceed the maximum load that can be supported.

This robot can clean multi-chapels with a maximum length of 150 m at a speed between 10 and 15 m / min. The greenhouse covers are cleaned using flexible brushes, the washing cycle is automatic on the round trip. The speed of return can be accelerated. The robot stops automatically at the end of the greenhouse using a stopper detected by a limit switch on board the module. The cleaning module is mounted on a carrier that can be lifted.
Maintenance of greenhouse tarpaulins and extended service life
This robot prolongs by a gentle washing prolongs the lifespan of the tarpaulins, increases the productivity of greenhouses by improving the sunshine during the winter period.

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