Charter of use of social networks

Conditions of use of the company's social networks FLDI

On the FLDI social networks, users / Internet users are formally prohibited from:


- Sending messages in bad faith, falsehood, disrespectful, offensive or abusive towards stores, its employees or any third party interacting on its networks.

- Sending messages including all forms of rudeness, defamation, obscenity, discrimination, aggressiveness.

- Inciting violence, hatred, in the context of harassment or threatening behavior.

- Opposing legislation relating to intellectual property: reuse / distort logos without agreement from the communication department, reproduce and reuse graphic and textual elements of publication to promote a good or service independent of the company.

- Sharing content for advertising, promotional or commercial purposes that is not related to the services offered by FLDI.

- Quoting or associating FLDI stores with content unrelated to the company, its core business and its areas of expertise.

- Publishing confidential, sensitive information that could give rise to “bad buzz” controversies.

- Associating the name FLDI or one of its services with a username (for example create a Facebook account "Marie {__CLIENTTTMOSTENOM __} ..."), in order to allow Internet users to easily dissociate official accounts from the business.


FLDI reserve the right to remove any contribution (comment, publication, mention…) on the company's social networks that does not respect these conditions of use.

In addition, anyone who does not comply with these few guidelines may be prevented from interacting with the company's accounts, temporarily or permanently.

These terms of use to the following social networks: Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube, Linkedin, Twitter


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