Mobile seed removal stations in Arzens

Reclamation of wet grape pomace: FLDI mobile deseeding stations have a throughput of 80 tonnes per day.

FLDI mobile deseeding stations.
  • FLDI mobile deseeding stations work directly on wet grounds (saving time, transport and energy) with a dirt quality of 10%
  • The trommels (cylindrical screens) are self-cleaning to avoid soiling.
  • 2 trommels of 6 meters, one of 4 meters, with several grid sizes.
  • The throughput is 80 tonnes of seed / day or 3.3 tonnes of seed / hour.
  • Removable machines are placed here as close as possible to production
Context of seed removal
The deseeding is the act of separating the constituent elements of the marc, that is to say the seeds, the pulps and the stems.

French wine distilleries must make the best use of all their co-products, in particular grape seeds in the oil mill.
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