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We design, manufacture and market machines according to your needs. We manufacture prototypes and small series, we carry out the tests with you, we install on site. Our teams also participate in user training.

Our vision
In our activity, innovation is at the heart of our daily life. The ability to adapt is fundamental, in the face of the specific needs of our customers, themselves faced with a world in perpetual motion.

It is important that we respect the wishes and constraints of our customers. It is imperative we do this while considering the enviroment, an important factor to us and to our society.

From now on, innovation also consists in revolutionising our manufacturing processes, by integrating into our operation, the values of environmental preservation, sustainable development and respect for nature and our living environment.

All our teams and partners are mobilized and committed to this goal.

François Lapeyre
Design & Manufacturing
The FLDI group designs, manufactures and markets specific machines according to your needs.

A team of passionate men and women work within the FLDI Group.
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Our latest news
Integration of collaborative robots

The FLDI group integrates collaborative robots, autonomous or communicating with existing systems.
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Mobile seed removal stations in Arzens

Reclamation of wet grape pomace: FLDI mobile deseeding stations have a throughput of 80 tonnes per day.
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FLDI rootstock shoot forceps

The FLDI rootstock rotary gripper: Assistance in harvesting vine shoots used for vine plants.
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Our commitments and our services
Our technical expertise is global.
Our knowledge of client businesses is sectoral.
As such, various services are at your disposal for your projects, in part or in full.
The design office
Our design office directly designs all types of equipment for industrial purposes or works in subcontracting parts, transformation of an existing product.
The sales counter
Thousands of references in stock. Hydraulics, pneumatics, bearings, couplings, automation, tools and consumables ...
After-sales service
Our company can repair your defective equipment on site or in the workshop.
By representing all trades, we guarantee greater responsiveness for our customers.
We train your current and future employees in the use and maintenance of our equipment, and we offer you annual control and upgrade plans.
Preventive maintenance
We work on your production sites, we carry out audits and present you with an action plan for preventive maintenance.
The sale of machines of all brands
We offer international machines for sale after compliance in our workshops.

The onion pomegranate harvester
15 years of innovation
Growing onion seeds is difficult as the harvest period is very short. For more than 15 years, the FLDI Group has offered a range that has continued to expand, at the rate of innovations and adaptations for new international markets.

The onion machine 1, 2, 4 or 6 rows allows to harvest the onion umbels, up to 8 ha / day.
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