Onion machines

The FLDI Onion Ombelles Harvester is used to collect onion seeds in the fields. This machine can move up to 5km / h.

The onion pomegranate harvester
Growing onion seeds is difficult as the harvest period is very short. For more than 15 years, the FLDI Group has offered a range that has continued to expand, at the rate of innovations and adaptations for new international markets.
The 1 - 2 - 4 or 6 row onion machine allows you to harvest the onion onion.
The features of the onion machine
Feed speed from 1.5 to 5km / h depending on density / inclined, crisscrossed onions.

The distance between the rows of the controlled machine depends on the distance between the rows of the plantings, from 56 to 80 cm.

Single row :Up to 1.5 ha / day
2 rangs :Up to 3 ha / day
4 rows :Up to 6 ha/jr
6 rows :Up to 8 ha/jr
Choosing the right onion machine

If you are planning to buy a machine for the next year,
you should know that we no longer take orders after the end of January.
Single row
The 1 row onion harvester allows an average speed of about 3 km / h for a density of about 30 umbels per meter, but this is variable depending on the quality of the harvest: density, presence of bindweed, sloping onions and intersecting ...
In the extreme case it is necessary to reduce to 1.5 km / h.
In the best cases, it is possible to go beyond 5 km / h.

It is relatively common to exceed 1.5 ha / day.

With the single row, the spacing between rows is less important than with a 2 or 4 rows. The greater the spacing, the less likely you are to damage the neighboring row.
The 2 or 4 rows
The two-row and four-row machines have the same harvesting head with both knives and the same settings.

Harvest speed depends more on the quality of the harvest than on the number of heads. In the same field with the same harvest, the speed will be the same for the single row as for the 2 rows or 4 rows.

These machines (2 and 4 rows) also have:
A depth wheel or an adjustable shoe which makes it possible to follow the variations of the soil (single rows only have a fixed shoe). Speed monitoring with automatic adjustment of the speed of the finger belts according to the speed of the harvester.
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