Your projects

Our company manufactures all types of equipment for agro-technical and industrial purposes (complete machines, processing of a product, subcontracting of parts, etc.)

Control of the complete cycle of your projects
The FLDI group develops and manufactures all types of agro-equipment and industrial equipment to meet your specific needs.

Specialized business managers
Our business managers are dedicated to the realization of your projects.

They are specialized and benefit from recognized experience and know-how, to support you in all stages of your projects, from the study to the implementation of training plans.
Integration of the 3D scanner in the manufacturing process:
  • Real image acquisition of the existing
  • Actual dimensions for ribs and measurements
  • 3D relocation on the real model under real conditions
  • Operation simulation in space

The design office
Our design office directly designs any type of specific equipment or works by subcontracting parts, transforming an existing product.

The services:

  • Draft, Advice, Studies, Calculations, Diagrams
  • 3D design (SolidWorks software)
  • Manufacturing according to plan
  • Automation, industrial IT
  • HD plasma and waterjet cutting
  • Conversion of a standard product to your needs
  • Conversion of heavy goods vehicles: skips, aluminum trays, adaptation of poly-skip arms, ...
The making
We manufacture our machines in our workshops.

Our workshops build, maintain your machines, repair them or transform them.

Within the group, all trades are represented: our reactivity is optimal.
Customer service
Our company provides training, maintenance and after-sales service on site or in the workshop in several areas:

- mechanical,
- pneumatic,
- hydraulic,
- electric,
- automation.

We represent all the trades directly, to ensure greater responsiveness.
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