Assistance in harvesting vine shoots used for vine plants.

The purpose of the whole is to facilitate the collection of the branches coming from a mother strain. These branches are used for the manufacture of vine plants and serve as a support for the graft.

Why a branch clamp?
The branches grow on the ground and spread over a distance of up to several meters. They are therefore intertwined and difficult to untangle when pulled by hand. The devices described below provide assistance in collecting these branches and in making bundles.
How it works ?
The gripper consists of several discs on which there are fingers. These discs are controlled by an actuator which rotates them around their axis. By turning the fingers come closer to each other and constitute a clamp.

To use it, the forceps are placed above the stump (the branches must be pruned beforehand) and they go down until the fingers are lightly planted in the soil (about 1 cm). We activate the rotational movement. The fingers close and trap the branches. We remove the clamp with the branches. By pulling, they will unravel and arrange themselves approximately in bundles that we can rest on the ground or on another machine.

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