Axial thresher Easy Clean

The easy-clean axial threshing machine and its innovative cleaning system that eliminates the risk of batch mixing. It is used to beat a large number of seeds of dry vegetable seeds: beets, carrots, parsley, cabbage, onions, leeks, radishes.

A vegetable seed thresher
This machine has been designed to separate the seeds intended for seeds from any plant element (stem, husk) while respecting the seed and preserving the germination rate.

This thresher is suitable for small and medium-sized areas (threshing from 10 to 17 m3 / hour.) It can be used for crops under cover as well as crops in the open fields.

This machine can be used in a fixed position on farms or in a factory (it can be integrated into a cleaning line).
An easy-clean axial threshing machine?
The opening by a system of cylinders of the beater and the pre-cleaner facilitates access and allows a complete and more efficient cleaning of the machine. With this cleaning, the risk of batch mixing is eliminated.

This machine can be transported by road, by boat (removable for loading in a container).

Our thresher already exists in 3 versions:

- Fully electric version with an on-board generator
- Fully electric version with mains connection
- Fully hydraulic version with power take-off
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