FLDI adjustable access platform

This equipment is integrated into a production line in order to set up an operator workstation. The dimensions of the walkways automatically adapt to its dimensions.

Technical description of the access platform
  • Height adjustment
  • Loading materials at ground level
  • Clearance for product transfer
  • Variable length: 5-12m.
  • Variable width: 3-5m.
  • Variable height: 0-4m.
Technical specifications
  • Total mass: 38 tonnes
  • Number of mechanical parts: 7676
  • Number of PLC I / Os: 80
  • Safety PLC (safety level SIL3 PLe)
  • Simplified control via 10-inch touchscreen HMI
  • Automated management by PLC and I / O in fieldbus
  • Checking and adjusting the flatness
  • Detection of the mobile home format
  • Management of operating times for maintenance
  • Zone control cameras
  • Optimized cycle time
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