The latest at FLDI: an autonomous robot

After unsuccessful searches with various suppliers, a client contacted us in early February 2015 to discuss his project and the various constraints it imposed.
After several meetings, the project became clearer and culminated in the manufacture of a robot.

The autonomous robot
This robot, opposite in the process of being assembled, has led us to take up new challenges. In order to meet our client's specifications, we had to optimize:

The forward speed, the adaptation to different working situations, the curvature of the ramps which must be able to respond to approximately 10 situation profiles, the mass of the assembly which must not exceed 700 kg, the height, the transport is by road, the assembly having to pass under bridges, the control of the assembly: the robot must be controlled by a radio control.
What is this autonomous robot for?
Delivery is scheduled for the end of October, we will follow up with you on the construction of this new device. We're not going to disclose its use ... not yet. You will try to find what it can be used for ... We will give you the answer at the end of the assembly ... in a few weeks!

Edit: look no further! >> The machine works